Super Star Yong De
2922 Diamond St
San Francisco, CA
 94131 | Glen Park
(415) 333-7882
†Cross street:  Bosworth St.
Cuisine: Chinese Japanese
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Yeah yeah...everyone loves Nopa. So I finally tried it. Three of us had a reservation at 9PM and w more.

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Positive Cuisine: Chinese Japanese Glen Park
Good noodle dishes and they use the white meat of the chicken in their Chicken Won Ton. I like the Shrimp chow mein and the onion cakes. They have free delivery which is a plus. Never ordered the japanese food, as I'm leary of a restaurant that tries to tackle both cuisines and I only go to sushi restaurants that have a high turn over. Review #15612
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Neutral Cuisine: Chinese Japanese Glen Park
This place is hit & miss. I have only ordered delivery - never seen the actual restaurant. Most of their entrees that have lots of vegetables in them are great but too many times their fried rice was MEGA greasy. Another positive is they deliver a variety of beers including Tsingtao and Sapporo (24 oz. bottle). Review #9321
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Neutral Cuisine: Chinese Japanese Glen Park
You don't want to eat at the actual location of this restaurant since it's clear they wasted absolutely no time on decor. However, it's the only restaurant on this side of the city that I know of who will deliver sushi and japanese food. There's nothing like having hot miso soup delivered to your door when you're in need of comfort food. Review #4482
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