Sabor of Spain
1301 Fourth St.
San Rafael, CA
 94901 | San Rafael
(415) 457-8466
†Cross street:  C St.
Cuisine: Spanish Tapas
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Yeah yeah...everyone loves Nopa. So I finally tried it. Three of us had a reservation at 9PM and w more.

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Positive Cuisine: Spanish Tapas San Rafael
What would I say about a restaurant located on the main street of San Rafael that houses its own store that sells delicacies from Spain? I would call this restaurant Sabor of Spain. Now having said all that and with my marketing background, I do not think the name does this place justice!! You are mixing a spanish word with 2 english words and leaves one confused. You could of called it Sabor de Espaņa or even Flavor of Spain"..would of made more sense. OK, now that I am off that soapbox, on all occasions that I have been here , the owner Maria Carmen( Mariaka) has been very hospitable. The food was great and very typical of Spain of today" The sangria is great and the sampler plate along with the bocadillos..this place really speaks of high dining"(alta cocina) from spain with its wine bar. The food at dinner( all the plates) are great and authentic..tapas are excellent....except where is your Paella? Review #18563
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Positive Cuisine: Spanish Tapas San Rafael
The only place in San Rafael to get spanish tapas. Barbara & I tried several dishes with some Tempranillo wines. I thought that the "creations" were imaginative, somewhat whimsical, and tasted okay. These are not traditional tapas you find in Spain - This is a more CA fusion enterprise, even though the owners and some of the staff are spanish. Though the prices are premium, the tapas are not at the level of Bocadillos in North Beach. The dining room holds 80. The decor is sleek Euro-modern. You get a view of the street thru floor to ceiling glass. I compared notes with several friends who ate here the same week. They panned the place, said that their food was mediocre at best. There's a deli connected that sells spanish Serrano ham, cheeses, some wines, olives, etc.. Again the prices are on the high side, but they do have items that you do not find in your favorite upper end supermarket. Will I go back? Probably not. Review #12381
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