Steps of Rome
362 Columbus Ave
San Francisco, CA
 94133 | North Beach
(415) 986-6480
†Cross street:  Broadway St.
Cuisine: Italian
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 (199) reviews
Yeah yeah...everyone loves Nopa. So I finally tried it. Three of us had a reservation at 9PM and w more.

(24) reviews

Neutral Cuisine: Italian North Beach
I have mixed feelings about this place. Last time I went there, the door man was giving me a hard time because I was in a party of two. My friend greased the door guy 10 bucks just to get a seat. I will admit that I liked the Vodka sauce plate de mar... But it really expensive compared to other places in the area. The only reason I would choose this place is for the view of Columbus on the top part, and that really isn't much to write home about. It's full of tourists and I don't know why. Review #21050
(20) reviews

Positive Cuisine: Italian North Beach
Steps of Rome, with us I went to Steps of Rome a few weeks ago because I didnt really feel like going to the Stinking Rose or some other italian restaurants in the area. When I went in with my girlfriend, we found it to be nice and quaint, much more relaxed and cozy than some other restaurants in the area. Of course, like most restaurants in the area, there is not too much room, but its comfortable. The food was very delicious, and I think of much better quality than Stinking Rose, and the prices are slightly cheaper (though relatively the same as its competitors in the area). I highly recommend this place if you love marinara sauce based pasta dishes and a simple menu and wine list (which doesnt meet simple tastes!) Review #19148
(115) reviews

Neutral Cuisine: Italian North Beach
Hmmmm, need an ego boost? Go to Steps of Rome. The wait staff here are the men ooozing with painted on mediterranean charm that I speak of in other reviews. But, the food is overrated and overrpriced. So many better options in N. Beach. Review #18492
(16) reviews

Positive Cuisine: Italian North Beach
Last week I went to Steps of Rome for the first time on a date. The service was pretty good and I liked that the waiter gave me a recommendation as I was unsure what I wanted that evening. Pumpkin ravioli was the selection and I have to say I enjoyed it. It may sound bad, but I don't recall what my date ordered, though I do know that she liked it. There was cheese in it and other good things. I even tasted it and loved it. The best part about the experience was that the server came and talked to us and was really friendly. Also, we were not rushed which is something that can be difficult on a first date. All in all, I would recommend this place and will likely return. Review #18220
crumb bum
(42) reviews

Positive Cuisine: Italian North Beach
The pasta is ok here but the price is great. I had this special of the day with half of lobster and pasta for ~$14. This place is always extremely crowded and parking is terrible especially during friday and saturday nights. Review #16164
(144) reviews

Positive Cuisine: Italian North Beach
Great place to people watch and have a good italian food. Their mochas are really good too! Review #15733
(14) reviews

Negative Cuisine: Italian North Beach
Steps of Rome reminds me of the summer of '02. This is the type of restaurant that will not inspire long-term love affairs with its patrons. It was a phase I went through. My friend and I would always head over for dinner after an evening ballet class. We loved it for the waiters. Even in our less attractive post-workout state, these waiters would make us the prey of their incessant flirtations. Of course a teenage girl like myself would eat up the food and the staff. So yes, I have loved the Steps of Rome, but in hindsight, it is only a love that lasts for so long. Now I see through the italian eateries ploy of creating return customers. The restaurant would not survive if it was rated soley on the merits of its cuisine, it is those italian men, with their kisses and their tight pants that keep that place in business. Review #14435
(6) reviews

Neutral Cuisine: Italian North Beach
The food here is ok. nothing special. But they do stay open later than a lot of the surounding places. Review #13237
(212) reviews

Neutral Cuisine: Italian North Beach
My friend raved about this place, but I later found out it was because of the fun italian guys that kiss you on the cheek when you leave. The food is quite average and I have to say, the Chicken Parmesan was less than average. The chicken was way too thin, therefore overcooked. It took a knife to cut it and the marinara was mediocre. I would say it's fun for tourists, but for us locals, there's a lot better italian food out there. Review #12270
(115) reviews

Neutral Cuisine: Italian North Beach
Nice friendly staff and atmosphere. Love their lasagna and tiramisu. Hard to find parking... Review #12126
(60) reviews

Positive Cuisine: Italian North Beach
I love steps of rome. I stumbled upon it one day a few years ago and fell in love with the pizza (very thin-cracker-like crust) , the bruschetta and the penne al vodka. I also loved the cute italian waiters (gay girl crush) and the art of flirting they have perfected. late at night, it becomes a euro-pop club type scene, but this is just as fun in it's own way once you get past the men with ponytails. It's a fun time and the food is really good. the espresso is fantastic. Cash only though, so be prepared Update: last couple times the pizza margherita has had way too much cheese on it, making it a gooey mess. if you order it, ask 'em to go light on the cheese. Review #11504
(8) reviews

Positive Cuisine: Italian North Beach
Really good place. My husband says its the closest thing to italy. The servers are real italians and so is the food. Its really fun if its your birthday and you're a girl the waiters will do all kinds of silly stuff and sometimes they make you do a conga around the whole restaurant. The prosciutto pizza is authentic. The only down side is the line to get in. Review #10669
(16) reviews

Neutral Cuisine: Italian North Beach
Steps Of Rome has a very happy and fun atmosphere and is a great spot for tourists or locals who go there for the first time. The food is very unpredictable and sometimes it's great and sometimes it's not!! Most people go there to enjoy the fun atmosphere and the little performances that the staff give every once in a while. (They can be a little bit sexual sometime!!) My suggestion is to take a female friend there and tell the staff that it's her birthday! Review #10575
(412) reviews

Positive Cuisine: Italian North Beach
It's a jumping tourist hub, but they also take in their share of the local office lunch crowd, and they do it well. Not memorably so, but there is worse food to be had in the neighborhood. Review #9334
(8) reviews

Positive Cuisine: Italian North Beach
This review is for the cafe not restaurant, the one with loft seating overlooking the floor and street behind. I drive out there just to get the Tiramisu and have a latte. Food is ok, basic pasta nothing fancy but that's not the reason to go here. The Tiramisu is better than anything they make, I'd eat their pasta again, especially good late night when you want a more electric atmosphere. Good for people watching too. The gelato is good but I've only had the banana (like 3 times) If you simply want to eat a good dinner and don't want a loud crowded place this is not it. If you want a party/bar atmosphere but want dessert/light fare instead of cocktails, this should do it. Review #9266
(6) reviews

Positive Cuisine: Italian North Beach
the food is hard-core authentic italian, but definitely good for casual dining and the best of the other neighboring restaurants. make reservations b/c it gets outrageously crowded and may not be worth the wait if you're starving. Review #8494
(94) reviews

Neutral Cuisine: Italian North Beach
Decent italian food, bubbly italian waiters, plenty of items on the menu, but not fantastic by any means. (actually, quite similar in quality and value to places *in* Rome) Can get pretty noisy in the evenings, so not a place for a quiet, intimate meal. Review #7712
(480) reviews

Negative Cuisine: Italian North Beach
To me this is yet another North Beach restaurant with bad italian food. Calamari was rubbery, pasta was BLAH...wines mediocre. I've yet to have a good italian meal in North Beach. Review #6849
(423) reviews

Neutral Cuisine: Italian North Beach
The Steps of Rome is one of those spots in North Beach that everyone likes to lounge out in...too bad teh food isn't too great. The calamari was rubbery, but the proscuitto appetizer was decent. The wines that they had on their list were lacking, one was corked, and the other 3 that we tried didn't fare much better. But, it is a fun enviroment, and the outdoor seating on Columbus is a plus. Review #6564
(55) reviews

Neutral Cuisine: Italian North Beach
I would only go here if I was partying late at night in North Beach and the other restaurants were no longer open. The food isn't bad and the ambience is okay but I think there are better restaurants in North Beach. Review #6460
(237) reviews

Positive Cuisine: Italian North Beach
I love this place for what it is. It is a great time with your girlfriends and the staff is very entertaining. delicious tiramisu and great location. I did have dinner here once and it was decent. Nothing fabulous, but definitely good. We had some wine and the waiters were great. Not the place for the best italian food, but it can be a really good time. Review #6004
(133) reviews

Positive Cuisine: Italian North Beach
The servers are entertaining! The dessert is soooooooo good! Reasonably priced. Parking is difficult. Review #4835
(106) reviews

Positive Cuisine: Italian North Beach
This place is mostly about atmosphere and the after hourse service but it's a fun spot. Review #4462
(151) reviews

Positive Cuisine: Italian North Beach
You come here for the festive atmosphere, with the TV's blasting in the background the day's soccer matches and the waiters unabashedly singing italian songs out of tune. The coffee and pastries ain't bad either. Review #3716
(33) reviews

Neutral Cuisine: Italian North Beach
I've heard great things about this place but wasn't impressed. The food was bland but atmosphere was fun. Review #2886
(53) reviews

Positive Cuisine: Italian North Beach
Loud and fun with great tirimisu and gelato. This is one of the most North Beach spots in the city - you have to go at least once! Review #2672
Afrooz Emami
(25) reviews

Neutral Cuisine: Italian North Beach
This is the place everyone goes to after clubbing around 2 am to be seen. Plus not that many places are open that late at night. If you want to enjoy your food don't go here. Its a fun place to go with friends after a night of drinking. Its almost impossible to get a seat late at night, because its a famous tourist hot spot. Review #2509
(7) reviews

Positive Cuisine: Italian North Beach
This is a nice little place to get italian desserts and wonderful gelato. I didn't get to try the gelato but it looked very delicious. The lively atmosphere with it's cheerful music and clammer of mouths. Wonderful place for a quick after meal dessert. Review #2201
(79) reviews

Positive Cuisine: Italian North Beach
Though we just stopped in for a quick dessert after Calzone's, the environment seemed lively. Loud music, italian speaking wait staff, and White-Chocolate Profiteroles. A nice espresso/dessert locale. Review #2199
(68) reviews

Positive Cuisine: Italian North Beach
So there are *two* Steps of Rome almost right next to each other, presumably both owned by the same person. The little white restaurant is a fantastic place to eat, I've always been pleased. The cafe is a lot of fun in moderation and with the right people. The profiteroles are ridonculously good. I'd suggest taking visitors there, its pretty much can't miss entertainment although some locals may roll their eyes. Review #1886
(54) reviews

Neutral Cuisine: Italian North Beach
Not as good as I'd hoped - I just liked the small rooms and upstairs (I love to sit at the window looking down on the street), but the gnocchi (both kinds) were excellent. The pesto was ok, but not great. No strange antics the night I was there, and honestly, the music got repetitive! Review #1276
(161) reviews

Negative Cuisine: Italian North Beach
Excellent cup of coffee! and I do like that the waiters happily sing along to the italian music. Review #1116
(167) reviews

Neutral Cuisine: Italian North Beach
Loud. Very loud. Especially when the drunk crowd rolls in around 1 or 2am. Review #622
(165) reviews

Neutral Cuisine: Italian North Beach
Average food, but I have to agree... the italian waiters are hot! Review #333
(48) reviews

Neutral Cuisine: Italian North Beach
food is okay, though fun atmosphere - people mostly go for the italian waiters Review #332
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