Caffe Trieste
609 Vallejo St.
San Francisco, CA
 94133 | North Beach
(415) 982-2605
†Cross street:  Grant Ave.
Cuisine: Coffee Pizza
Map & Directions: Yahoo   Google http://www.caffetrieste.c ...

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 (199) reviews
Yeah yeah...everyone loves Nopa. So I finally tried it. Three of us had a reservation at 9PM and w more.

(25) reviews

Positive Cuisine: Coffee Pizza North Beach
Can anyone spell scene? If you go to Caffe Trieste you would probably spell it seen, because that's what you want to be... seen. What a scene... Honestly I have never had a good cup of coffee at this place. Somebody told me it's a clique thing - ah neighborhood politics... I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt (how can so many Telegraph Hill Dwellers be wrong?)cause the beans are good so head next door to their retail shop and pick up a pound, otherwise grab a cappuccino at Greco then walk over and hang out in their upcoming plaza to be, seen. Review #19759
(115) reviews

Positive Cuisine: Coffee Pizza North Beach
Mmmmm, as other reviewers have mentioned, they make coffee right. And it just feels good to have a proper cappucino when in North Beach. Cafe Greco is a very close 2nd. Review #18490
(309) reviews

Positive Cuisine: Coffee Pizza North Beach
Love their coffee!!The latte is one of the best I've had.. nice and creamy. It was really crowded so that means this is a VERY popular place to be.. Review #18452
(102) reviews

Positive Cuisine: Coffee Pizza North Beach
You can almost feel the artistic energy in this place. I sometimes think Ferlinghetti will walk in at any moment. The best java in the city, and the most eclectic coffee house crowd. If you're an early riser, you may catch the Dolphin club members getting their morning fix. Review #15673
(180) reviews

Positive Cuisine: Coffee Pizza North Beach
Anyone interested in coffee shop culture needs to visit Trieste. The North Beach location is a great stop for coffee, people-watching, reading, and resting your feet. There's another location right on the waterfront in Sausalito that has killer cheesecake. Review #14842
(60) reviews

Positive Cuisine: Coffee Pizza North Beach
Great coffee. historic cafe, fresh roasted by the pound next door. Can be very welcoming and comfortable. The staff is always nice, but sometimes the clientele seems a bit snooty in a shabby intellectual way (at night), maybe it's just a testosterone overload at certain times. During the day, I've always enjoyed myself. Review #11702
(47) reviews

Positive Cuisine: Coffee Pizza North Beach
(129) reviews

Positive Cuisine: Coffee Pizza North Beach
Weekdays are the best time to go here-avoid the weekend and tourist crowds. I've enjoyed some very interesting evenings here people watching outside with my coffee-you never know who or what is going to pass by, plus your fellow customers provide plenty of entertainment as well. Review #7439
(223) reviews

Positive Cuisine: Coffee Pizza North Beach
This place looks like a hole in the wall, but the coffee is amazing, and the atmosphere is great. There is always great people watching. Great spot for an after dinner caffeine fix. Review #6862
(37) reviews

Positive Cuisine: Coffee Pizza North Beach
Really a neighborhood institution, Trieste has agreat atmoshere but prefer to go when it's not so crowded. You can pick your favorite operatic number to enjoy with coffee, and check out the woderful history in the many photographs. It's a great meeting spot for locals, and you will find lively groups enjoying a glass of wine or coffee outside, or in, late into the evening. Go on Saturdays for the sing-along, a Trieste tradition. Review #6444
(423) reviews

Positive Cuisine: Coffee Pizza North Beach
I love popping in and grabbing a latte just feels old school., Parking is a bitch so I've paid the price with tickets making my $2.75 latte a much more expensive latte with a ticket. Review #3893
(20) reviews

Neutral Cuisine: Coffee Pizza North Beach
I ordererd a Caramel Machiato, it was not good at all. The shop itself is charming. Review #3741
Afrooz Emami
(25) reviews

Positive Cuisine: Coffee Pizza North Beach
A fun place to watch people! I like looking around at all the old pictures hanging on the walls of celebrities and former customers. Its nice to just get a hot chocolate and hang out. You will also see a lot of motorcycle riders parked outside. Review #2607
(68) reviews

Positive Cuisine: Coffee Pizza North Beach
One of my favorite places to stop in North Beach to just sit and write or hang out and watch people go by. Review #1885
(99) reviews

Positive Cuisine: Coffee Pizza North Beach
A real North Beach original. I don't think the coffee's that great, but that interior decorating is just outstanding. None other like it. Plus, you can't beat it for people watching. Review #1499
(79) reviews

Positive Cuisine: Coffee Pizza North Beach
Best espresso drinks in town. It's the OLDEST espresso bar on the west coast and has loads of charm. It's a must visit! Try the africano - a double short latte. Very intense and yummy Review #1034
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